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Abhilash, Pandey (2018) Screening of bioactive for anti-quorum sensing activity. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Achala, Achalkar (2021) Preparation of Tea Bags Flavoured with Decalepis hamiltonii Roots and Evaluation of Compatibility with Green and Black Tea. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

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Anjushree, M. and Satish, A. and Sunil, L. and Shivakumara, C. S (2023) Fortified noni (Morinda citrifolia L.) cookies: formulation, properties, antioxidant activity, sensory traits. Functional Food Science, 6 (7). pp. 145-154.

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Aparoopa, T. (2011) Preparation of microencapsulated spray dried powder of garden cress(Lepidium sativum) seed oil. [Student Project Report]

Arpita, Philip (2011) Studies on Processing Of Indian Sarsaparilla (Hemidesmus Indicus) and its Application for Food and beverages. [Student Project Report]


Bhupender, Saini (2015) Physicochemical properties of intermediate moisture (IM) products from seabuckthorn (Hippophoe rhamnoides L). [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Bhupender, Saini (2014) Recent Developments in Diversification and Innovation of New Products from Seabuckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides L.) Berries: An Overview. Masters thesis, University of Mysuru.

Bindhya, Jayashankar and Mishra, K. P. and Kumar, M. S. Y. and Udaya Sankar, K. (2012) A supercritical CO2 extract from seabuckthorn leaves inhibits pro-inflammatory mediators via inhibition of mitogen activated protein kinase p38 and transcription factor nuclear factor-κB. International Immunopharmacology, 13. pp. 461-467.


Chandan, Verma (2016) Studies on drying characteristics of Coriander herb. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

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Girish, Chandran and Dr., Muralidhara (2012) Propensity of Selaginella delicatula aqueous extract to offset rotenone-induced oxidative dysfunctions and neurotoxicity in Drosophila melanogaster: Implications for Parkinson’s disease. NeuroToxicology, 33. pp. 444-456.


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Hasitha, P. (2011) Extraction and Bioactivity Evaluation of Betel Leaves. [Student Project Report]


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Kavya, R. (2024) Extraction and Characterization of Oils and Fats from Different Varieties of Annatto Seeds. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Kiran, K. and Chinnu, Salim and Priyanka, P. S. and Rajini, P. S. and Giridhar, P. (2018) Neuroprotective effect of Decalepis hamiltonii aqueous root extract and purified 2-hydroxy-4-methoxy benzaldehyde on 6-OHDA induced neurotoxicity in Caenorhabditis elegans. Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy, 105. pp. 997-1005.

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Major Raghavender, Singh (2016) Development of various seabuckthorn ready-to-serve beverages and their quality evaluation. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Maya, G. (2006) Studies on anti-nutritional components of Karanja (Pongamia Glabra) seeds. [Student Project Report]

Mohammad, Imtiyaj Khan and Giridhar, P. (2014) The Berries of Santalum album L. as a New Source of Cyanidin-3-Glucoside and Chemical Profiling during Different Stages of Berry Development. Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, 84 (3). pp. 689-694.

Mr., Kartik (2011) Synthesis of Novel Derivatives by Allylic Bromination and Bromo‐Addition of Β‐Asarone from the Roots of Acorus Calamus. [Student Project Report]


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Naveen, S. and Aradhya, S. M. and Policegoudra, R. S. and Rao, L. J. and Farhath, K. (2012) Radical Scavenging Activity of Decalpoline, A Novel Compound Characterized from Decalepis Hamiltonii. Chemistry of Natural Compounds, 48 (2). pp. 225-230.

Neelam, Thakur (2018) Isolation, Extraction, Characterization of Mahua (Madhuca longifolia) Flavor for Application in Food System. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

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Neha, Sharma (2008) Bioactivity OF Tinospora cordifolia. [Student Project Report]

Nisha, Kumari (2020) Upstream Process optimization for in vitro culture of swallow root (Decalepis hamiltonii). [Student Project Report] (Submitted)


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Pillai, Dipin S. (2008) Microencapsulation of Garcinia fruit extract. [Student Project Report]

Pooja, S. T. (2021) Value Based Products from Mahua Flowers. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Pranab, N. (2010) Chemical Analysis [Proximate Composition] and Food Colouring Property of Peltophorum Ferrugineum Flowers. [Student Project Report]

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